About Omena Hotels

Everything you need from a hotel 

Omena Hotels has 9 hotels in Finland. We offer a fresh and unique approach to hotel accommodation with online booking and an unprecedented value-for-money philosophy. 

We are able to offer extremely high quality accommodation at a very low price.

We can do this by keeping things simple with online booking, SMS key codes and self-service check-in and check-out. 

  1. You book and pay online, as you’d do at any hotel or airline website.
  2. You get your receipt and key code by mail and SMS. 
  3. You access the hotel and your room with the key code provided.

In the lobby area in all our hotels you’ll find a self-service Help Desk, which provides answers to any questions you might have during your stay. You’ll also find customer service contact information should you require it.

Omena Hotels are convenient, high quality, competitively priced, and always located very close to all the city’s main attractions.

Omena Hotels always gives you exactly as much hotel as you need.

While there are no traditional receptions at Omena Hotels, there is full-time staff daily on site to take care of the housekeeping to maximize your comfort. In addition the maintenance and security staff are available. We do everything to make a stay at Omena - right in the city center - an enjoyable experience.

Stylish and spacious rooms for couples or small families

All rooms are modern, spacious and will comfortably accommodate four persons. Each room has a high quality large bed and two full-size foldouts.
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Frequently asked questions

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Do Omena hotels have their own parking for hotel guests?

How do I get help if there is a problem?

Omena for business

Your ideal choice for business stays: located in the heart of the city, free wi-fi, plus no check-in and check-out.

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Customer Service

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