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The story of Omena Hotels

The story of Omena Hotels

At Omena Hotels the best aspects of good hotel accommodation come together. With us you will sleep in our hand-made 5-star Finnish double bed in a spacious room in the heart of the city, always for a good price. The basic idea behind Omena Hotels is that you only pay for what you need. We operate in a cost-effective way and as a result we are able to provide all our guests good hotel accommodation for a very good price.

The founder of the Omena Hotels and Kotipizza chains Rabbe Grönblom was interested in the hotel and restaurant business from an very early age. He wanted to change the hotel industry by developing a hotel where customers won’t end up paying for pompous facades, lobbies and other excesses they don’t need. The renowned commercial advisor, relying on simple innovations, has always followed the advice given by his university professor back in the days when he was still a student: ”whatever you do, keep it simple”.

This advice has been ardently followed from the days when the first Omena Hotel opened its doors in Tampere in 2003 and it will continue being our business mantra. You are warmly welcome to Omena Hotels!

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