New Omena Hotels

We are constantly looking for new premises especially in cities that don’t yet have an Omena Hotel. Our unique concept allows us to operate even small units profitably, so an Omena Hotel is viable even in smaller towns where “traditional” hotels are unable or unwilling to operate.

As per Omena Hotels’ customer pledge, the hotel must be located in the city centre, but we do not need a separate lobby area on street level, and the rooms may be located entirely in the upper floors, if they have reasonably good access from street level. We have experience with operating Omena Hotels in traditional hotel spaces as well as office or production spaces that have been converted into hotels. In the latter case, changes in city plans are rarely necessary, and usually all that is needed for a construction permit is a change in purpose of the premises or a special permit, even if the premises have been zoned for things like office use.

We can operate hotels under our own name and with our own lease, but there is also the option of a franchise or operating contract that allows the private operation of an Omena Hotel. Unlike many other franchising concepts, the Omena franchise does not require the entrepreneur to work long days behind a lobby desk; as an Omena franchise entrepreneur, you can concentrate on marketing and optimizing the cost structure.

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