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Welcome to Omena!

Glad you decided to stay at Omena. Here we will tell you about all the policies related to staying at Omena, so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions of our customers who have booked through the booking channel.

On your day of arrival, your door code will come in a text message at 8AM Finnish time. The code is sent automatically from our system to each cell phone number which has been entered in the passenger details as long as the required passenger details have been filled in.

We apologize for the issues. Please call our customer service +358 600 555 222 (0,79 €/min + lnc) for assistance.

After a succesfull payment, you will receive a confirmation letter with the subject line "Booking confirmation. Please update info!" When you scroll down the message, there is a red “UPDATE INFO” link. Clicking the link, it takes you to Omena Hotels’ site where you can enter passenger details to your reservation. Please check your junk mail in case you can’t find our confirmation letter from your inbox.

As there isn’t any reception or front desk staff, Omena Hotels don’t have any luggage storage facilities. The closest possibilities are bus terminals and train stations or bigger shopping centers. Your second option is to purchase an early check in or a later check out and then you can keep your possessions in your own room.

You can purchase an earlier check in (2PM) or a later check out (2PM) through the link in your confirmation letter. You have received the confirmation in question from Omena Hotels with the subject line “Booking confirmation.” Scrolling down you should see a red link reading “ADD EXTRA TIME”, which takes you to Omena Hotels’ website where you are able to see the availability of these extra services. The cost of extension is 5 euros/hour. You can pay through the same link

You will receive your door code on your day of arrival, and the code works as your key to Omena Hotels throughout your stay. The code becomes active at 4PM on your day of arrival and works until 12AM on your check out day.

You have used a third-party site,, to make you reservation. Thus, all modifications, changes and cancellations must be made on the website. You can update your reservation using the 4-digit code provided in the confirmation letter or by calling’s customer service (+358 9 725 19 805).

The reservation will be charged from your credit card on the day your booking is made. Please check that you’re using a credit card with accepted online payments and the payment limits are set high enough for the stay total. After a successful payment you will receive an Omena Hotels confirmation letter to your email.

You can’t pay cash at Omena Hotels, as Omena Hotels are self-service hotels and do not have reception or front desk staff.

Your credit card will be charged right after your reservation is confirmed. Only credit card is accepted as payment method on

You can find the invoice of your purchase by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD FULL RECEIPT” at the bottom of Omena Hotels’ confirmation letter. The details on your invoice are those that you gave when you made your reservation.)

At Omena Hotels there are two room types. A Single room has a 90 cm wide single bed, television, microwave, mini-fridge, coffee and tea equipment. A Standard room has a 160 cm double bed with foldable chair beds (1–2 pcs), television, microwave, mini-fridge, coffee and tea equipment. All rooms have a private bathroom with toilet and shower. You can find more detailed equipment on our website.

We apologize for the problem! Please call customer service +358 600 555 222 so we can inform our housekeeping and offer you a fix for the issue.

As self-service hotels we don’t have any on-site reception staff at the hotel. However, our customer service operates around the clock on the phone. You can contact us by calling with the phone found in the lobby of the hotel. The customer service answers questions and helps if when needed.)

You can also reach our customer service free of charge by calling from the lobby phone. The call connects when you just pick up the receiver. Please wait patiently for an answer.

Unfortunately, our customer service doesn’t answer emails around the clock. However, you can reach our customer service agents by phone 24/7 from number +358 600 555 222. You can also call us from the phone found in the lobby of the hotel.

Omena Hotels don’t offer any parking options. The closest parking areas can be found at our website. Please note that the prices might vary.

Omena Hotels are always in the city center, close to bus terminals and train stations. You can reach the hotel easily on foot, with public transportation, or by taxi. Please check the hotel’s address carefully before arrival.)

24/7 Customer service:
tel. +358 600 555 222
(0.79 €/min + lnc.)

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