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Omena’s tips for more sustainable travel

There are many ways how all of us can make better choices for ourselves and the planet. Here are some tips from the Omena team for more environment friendly travel.

Omena’s tips for more sustainable travel

1. Travel by land

Flying is bad for the planet. Luckily travelling by land is very comfortable. There’s no queueing for security checks, packing light or being squashed in small seats. Instead you can relax and take a train or a coach or drive with friends. On a train or a coach you can relax, read a book or binge on your tv shows.

If you choose to drive, don’t drive by yourself as there’s nothing better than a Finnish road trip in good company. Pack your car with as many friends as possible, both you and the environment benefit from more fun travel as you watch the scenery changing or sing along to your favourite Finnhits.

2. Don’t overspend on hotels

Have you ever thought about how much unnecessary consumption there often is involved in hotel accommodation? Many plastic packages, endless foam baths and daily changing of linen burden the environment and their cost is also included in your room price.

Omena Hotel is a smart choice for you if you want a comfortable hotel stay and want to pay only for what you really need. And all Omena hotels are in the heart of the city so that all what the city has to offer is within a short walking distance.

3. Focus on experiences, not in stuff

Is money burning holes in your pockets and you hear the shop windows’ call? When travelling it’s easy to forget your daily budget and you end up buying things you don’t really need. For the sake of the environment but also your budget it’s better to buy only what you truly need. And remember that best memories are made of experiences, not material things.

4. Don’t litter

Even if there are recycling opportunities in most cities the best way is not to create waste. Plan your meals, avoid disposable containers and carry your own waterbottle with you. Tap water in Finland is top quality and is acclaimed to be the best in the world so there’s no need to keep on buying bottled water. You might also want to pack a keep cup for your coffee, it’s often prettier than a disposable cup and it also keeps heat in your beverage for longer. These days many cafes give you a discount when you use your own cup. Instead of using easily breaking plastic knives and forks you might also consider carrying your own cutlery if you like picnicking.

5. Use public transport

Heading to Tampere? So are many others as well! Why not travel together? Coaches and trains take you around Finland and all the Omena Hotels are conveniently near the stations, so why take your own car?

And when you arrive at your destination walk or cycle around. In Finland most cities offer city bikes for a small charge and you see more on a bike than from a taxi. Our cities are also quite compact so you get to most sight even on foot.

6. Stay at Omena – save on natural resources

How much electricity is used to heat lobbies and lobby bars? A lot. At Omena we save energy and hence also the environment as there are no empty spaces. We don’t have decorative cushions or throws either as washing them uses a lot of water, electricity and chemicals. Omena Hotels has also an Ekokompassi-environment certificate as a sign for sustainable travel.

7. Choose local and avoid food waste

Locally produced food is both ecological and smart. There are different food cultures in different parts of Finland. And all of them are worth tasting! By supporting small local restaurants and local producers you support local work and get to taste something unique. Remember to not waste food, if you can’t finish your meal, ask the rest to go and save it for the next day. In all Omena rooms you can find a fridge and a microwave oven so there’s no need to throw food away.


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