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Feel at home – Omena Hotel’s extended stay is your savior in everyday surprises

Feel at home – Omena Hotel’s extended stay is your savior in everyday surprises

Feel at home – Omena Hotel’s long-term accommodation is your savior in everyday surprises

Omena hotel is an excellent temporary home during renovations or while waiting for housing purchases. Have you ever been in a situation where an ordinary person’s ordinary life suddenly turns upside down, making it impossible to live in your own home?

One of the most typical reasons for needing temporary accommodation is a renovation that stretches on. Everything was supposed to be ready, but the work keeps dragging on, and the home is uninhabitable. Sound familiar? What about the situation of being stuck in what’s known as “zero housing,” where the old apartment is already sold but the new one isn’t ready to move into yet? Or what if a rental apartment is unexpectedly terminated, and a new one isn’t found quickly enough?

Many people in these situations look for short-term rental apartments or sublet rooms – often in vain, as the supply is scarce. Hotel rooms, on the other hand, are always available, but long-term stays in hotels can be costly. Omena Hotel offers an excellent solution: you can request a tailored offer for your accommodation if your stay is at least ten nights long. A comfortable hotel room can become your temporary home surprisingly affordably!

At Omena, you can wait for a student apartment to become available

The autumn months are a feverish time for students searching for accommodation. Every year, there’s also a group of students who don’t manage to find a student apartment before the start of the semester. Long-term accommodation at Omena is a good way to stay at a reasonable price until you find your own place. All Omena Hotels are located right in the city centre, amidst restaurants and nightlife, making it easy to fully participate in student life while staying with us. Housing in a hotel is not eligible for Kela’s housing allowance – but fortunately, Omena’s prices are already student-friendly!

Did a breakup catch you by surprise?

Omena helps if you need your own temporary home quickly. Omena Hotels is also there to help in relationship pitfalls. Sometimes a divorce or breakup comes so suddenly that there’s a desire to get out of the shared home as quickly as possible. In such situations, we are here to help. All Omena Hotel rooms are equipped with a microwave, kettle, and refrigerator, which help you continue your life as normally as possible under the unpleasant circumstances of a breakup. Omena Hotel rooms are spacious enough to accommodate up to four people at a time.

Affordable hotel accommodation for work assignments

Did you get a longer work assignment in another city? At Omena, you’ll always get a good night’s sleep in a Finnish high quality bed and wake up refreshed to a new day. The central location makes it easy to move around for work matters, and after work, it’s nice to return to a cozy and well-equipped room to relax. If your business trip is over ten days long, you can request an offer for extended stay. For shorter business trips, it’s worth registering as an Omena corporate customer and taking advantage of the affordable rates for business travelers.

Long-term guests can enjoy all the comforts of hotel life

All Omena hotel standard rooms are equipped with a high quality double bed (2 80 cm beds that can be pulled apart). In addition, the rooms feature a spacious bathroom and cooking facilities including a microwave, refrigerator, and kettle. So you can take care of cooking yourself if you wish, and longer stays in the hotel do not mean daily restaurant bills and unnecessary increases in food costs. All rooms also have a flat-screen TV and a hairdryer.

The room rate includes water, electricity, wifi, and cleaning every five days. There are only two restrictions in hotel life compared to normal living: you can’t have mail sent to the hotel, and you have to take care of laundry separately in a laundromat. Everything else works in Omena just like at home.

Living in a hotel suits many situations

Long-term hotel living is a good option for example in these situations. Live in a hotel and make your life easier!

  • Pipe renovation or other home renovation
  • Work assignment in a different city
  • Extended family visits
  • Waiting for a student apartment to become available
  • Hotel accommodation during work internships
  • Temporary housing need between housing purchases
  • Unexpected termination of a rental apartment
  • Temporary housing need related to the end of a relationship
  • Other temporary housing needs

Living in a hotel in Helsinki

Especially Helsinki is a place where living in a hotel may become relevant. When the housing market is hot in a big city, living in a hotel for a month may be necessary to keep everyday life smooth amidst life changes or unexpected situations.

Long-term hotel accommodation in Helsinki solves many problems. Compared to commuting to work or studies from another city, you may even save money by choosing long-term hotel accommodation. The monthly price of a hotel compared to fuel costs may surprise you with its affordability – not to mention all the time you save by conveniently staying in the city center at Omena Hotel.

Read more about Omena Hotel’s long-term accommodation and request an offer!

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