We at Omena Hotels believe in the freedom of choice. You decide what and where you want to eat in the morning. Or maybe you don’t need any food. Some people get going with just a cup of coffee – and that you can find in our rooms, for free.

If you bought a breakfast in your booking, see below the opening hours and the location. Please remember to bring your booking confirmation with you. And – you can also buy the breakfast from the café. We’ve listed also other cafes below for the sake of choice.

The breakfast bought with the booking is served at Coffee House Wiklund at Eerikinkatu 11.

Coffee House Wiklund serves breakfast
Mon-Fri 9-11 am
Sat 10 am to 12 noon
Sundays 11 am to 12 noon.

Or would you prefer snacking in the comfort of your room? You can get your breakfast items already in the evening and store them in your fridge. There’s an S-market Herkku near the hotel and they’ve long opening hours. See detailed hours here.

If you want pampering and a served breakfast, we recommend also the following nearby cafés: 

  1. Leipomo Gryn in Forum centre
  2. Cafe Art by the Aura river
  3. Fontana Cafe on Linnankatu