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Welcome to Pori – Top Attractions and Travel Tips

Planning a visit to Pori? If you are wondering what to do in Pori you need not look any further. We have compiled a list of recommendations and popular attractions in Pori to help you make the most of your stay.

Welcome to Pori – Top Attractions and Travel Tips

Everyone loves Pori! It’s a vibrant town known for its relaxed atmosphere, with plenty to see and do around the year. Whether you’re into culture and arts, sports, culinary adventures or alternative events, Pori is a good destination worth a weekend visit or a longer stay. Pori is easily reached by public transportation or your own car, and the central location of Omena Hotel (Yrjönkatu 19) makes it an ideal base for exploring the city. Many of the most interesting sites are located a walking distance away from the hotel.

Top attractions and things to do in Pori


1. Pori at its best: Yyteri

The spectacular 6 km long sandy beach of Yyteri is alone a great reason to visit Pori, at any time of the year.  Enjoy playing in the sand or getting to know the Natural parks of Selkämeri sea or hike around the nature paths. Yyteri is one the best-known beaches in Finland and is definitely worth a visit!


2. Where magic happens: Kirjurinluoto

The Kirjurinluoto Park is a popular venue for events; the Pori Jazz Festival and Porispere are organised here every year. There are numerous locations to suit all events from small get-togethers to huge events with tens of thousands of visitors. There are the legendary Lokki Stage and the unique Kirjurinluoto Arena that can accommodate up to 70 000 people.


3. Pori for families: Pelle Hermanni and Angry birds playgrounds

Kirjurinluoto and Yyteri beach are definitely the best-known landmarks in Pori. In Kirjurinluoto you can visit the massive Pelle Hermanni playground where there is enough to do for a whole day, whether you’re a toddler or a child-minded adult. A visit to Kirjurinluoto is a perfect way to spend your summer day with the whole family! In the city centre you can find the Angry birds playground and spend some of your energy in a fun way.

Boys on a pirate ship in Kirjurinluoto.
Picture: Visit Pori, Anssi Koskinen. Boys on a pirate ship in Kirjurinluoto.

4. Cultural experiences in Pori: The Museums

There are more museums in and around Pori than you can visit in a day or even two. Check out for example the Poriginal gallery and Pori Art Museum and come back to the hotel that little bit more cultured.


5. More fun in Pori: pick and choose what you want to do

Excitement and experiences – let the feeling take you and find the best holiday experiences in Pori. Start your exploration at


6. Events in Pori

Pori is the city to go to, if you want to spend your summer weekends amongst crowds. The city is full of events. Most of the biggest festivals happen during the summer holiday months, but you won’t be bored over the winter either.

See Pori’s event calendar to find out what’s on!

Pori Jazz festival has been organized annually since 1966. Today it is not just about jazz, but it’s all about good music, relaxed atmosphere and who’s who in Finland.

Pori Jazz in Kirjurinluoto.
Picture: Visit Pori, Anssi Koskinen. Pori Jazz Festival in Kirjurinluoto.


7. Action and sports in Pori

Looking to have your heart beat faster? Check out Adventure park Huikee to break the sweat and have fun climbing trees. Or take a break from your every-day-activities by visiting Irti maasta – where you can climb 15 different walls, or dive into adventure in the depths of a cave.

Pori also has great hiking trails and sporting possibilities for people looking for active ways to spend their vacation. The easiest option is to jump into your hiking shoes and explore the stunning Yyteri sea views.


8. Shopping in Pori

The best shopping is done right around the corner from Omena Hotel where you can check out the IsoKarhu shopping mall. On the other side of Kokemäki river you can find shopping mall Puuvilla. In town there are naturally plenty of shops. To rest your tired feet in between, you can easily get back to your comfy hotel room or take a moment to enjoy life passing by at the cafés around Market Square.

Here are the best addresses for shopping in Pori:

  • Puuvilla shopping mall, Siltapuistokatu 14
  • IsoKarhu shopping mall, Yrjönkatu 14


9. Dining in Pori

Where to eat in Pori – and what to eat in Pori? There are plenty of alternatives to choose from whether you just want to refuel or enjoy culinary delights around tables covered in white linen. Pori has a rich restaurant scene with something for every budget and taste.

Should your taste buds scream for a juicy steak, Petteri Rosenbom´s Steakhouse is a good choice as it is known as the best steakhouse in Pori. The white linens and splendid river views of Trattoria Bucco are great for a candle-lit dinner for two. If you want to sample more places you should have your dessert at Cafe & Wine Elba and try their delicious cakes. The Omena team fell in love with Restaurant PikkuX’s tacos, where both vegetarians and carnivores find a tasty treat.

Or maybe you want to enjoy a quiet snack of your own choosing, within the comforts of your own hotel room. There’s a great grocery store across the street from the hotel at department store Sokos’ SMarket. Your breakfast items and snack keep fresh in the minibar in your room.

For more restaurant recommendations see the Visit Pori website.


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