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Hotell Omena Turu, Kauppiaskatu

Kauppiaskatu 4
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There are two Omena hotels in Turku. One is on Kauppiaskatu right next to the market square and the other Turku Omena is on Humalistonkatu, between the railway station and the square.

There will be a roof renovation at the Omena Hotel Kauppiaskatu property in Turku from 7 February to 29 April 2022. The work is done on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the renovation. 

Turku is nice and compact. All of the services you need, like shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cinemas, are located just a short walk from Omena. All the famous sights, including the Aura river, Turku Cathedral and the Turku castle, as well as the best restaurants are within a few minutes’ walk. If you want to go shopping, all the best stores are also nearby.

Facilities in our rooms

  • Tasuta wifi
    Tasuta wifi
  • Föön
  •  Külmkapp
  • Mikrolaineahi
  • Veekeetja
  • Tee ja kohv
    Tee ja kohv
  • TV

At Omena Turku Kauppiaskatu our breakfast partner is Coffee House Wiklund at Eerikinkatu 11.

Breakfast is € 4.90 per person for Omena guests and includes filter coffee/tea and a roll. By paying € 1.50 more at the checkout, you also get a normal-sized latte/cappuccino, or an orange/apple juice.

Breakfast is served at Coffee House Wiklund:

Mon-Fri from 9 to 11 am
Sat from 10 to 12 noon
Sun from 11 to 12 noon

If you booked breakfast along with your room, please have the confirmation with you at the cafeteria.

If you want to eat in your room, you can get all the needed supplies from a nearby grocery store, the S-market on Eerikinkatu. All your food stays fresh in the minibar in your room.

If you want to eat in your room, you can use a food delivery service like Foodora or Wolt.

Just download the app you want from App Store or Google Play Store. And make the order to Omena Hotel Turku, Kauppiaskatu. Soon you will be enjoying your meal!

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