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Hotell Omena Vaasa

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 16
65100 Vaasa
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The newest Omena Hotel will be opened in Vaasa in spring 2020! Easy and comfortable hotel accommodation for 1, 2 or even 4 people; everyone will find an always affordable hotel room suitable for their needs at Omena Hotel Espen, in the heart of Vaasa.

Vaasa’s Omena Espen is located in the very centre of Vaasa, within the Espen shopping centre. Whether arriving by train or coach, Omena is within a short walking distance. If you are coming by car, there’s parking in Espen. And all you need for food and fun can be found under the same roof as Omena.

At Omena Espen everything is near: you can get to the movies (BioRex Vaasa), food court and the shops by just walking down the stairs or taking the elevator down. Also breakfast is under the same roof, at the Espresso House Espen. Visit Vaasa and the new Omena Hotel Espen!

Facilities in our rooms

  • Tasuta wifi
    Tasuta wifi
  • Föön
  •  Külmkapp
  • Mikrolaineahi
  • Veekeetja
  • Tee ja kohv
    Tee ja kohv
  • TV
Omena Hotels breakfast

In Vaasa our breakfast partner is the Espresso House at Espen [Shopping Centre]. You can reach Espresso House both through the shopping centre or from the street.

Breakfast for Omena Hotel customers € 7,8.

Breakfast includes a turkey-cheese roll or vegan tomato-avocado roll, small hot drink and yoghurt or juice.

Breakfast at Espresso House:
Mon-Fri 8-11
Sat 9-11
Sun 10-11

Please show your booking confirmation at the cafe, if you pre-booked breakfast.